While we’re equally obsessive about all method of gem stones, we’ve got to confess to a spot of jealousy for these born in April. One thing tells us that having the legitimate excuse to demand diamonds on a yearly event would simply by no means get previous…

Taking its identify from the Greek phrase ‘adamas’ which means ‘invincible’, diamonds are the toughest identified pure substance on earth and their sturdiness is likely one of the many issues that makes them so appropriate for engagement rings.

Pure carbon, diamond is likely one of the oldest minerals within the universe and traces of diamond have in reality been found within the hearts of extra-terrestrial meteorites which have fallen to earth.

Historically an emblem of fearlessness, additionally it is symbolic of affection and the Greeks believed that diamonds had been splinters of stars fallen to earth to endow the wearer with purity, love and pleasure.

Though the extra conventional white, ‘colourless’ stones are the most well-liked, diamonds can be found in a bunch of vibrant colors together with yellow, brown, blue, pink, pink, inexperienced, orange and black.

While generally related as an emblem of marriage proposal and dedication, at Astley Clarke we imagine that so lovely a gemstone deserves no excuse and ought to be beloved and adored by whoever, every time they so need. Which occurs to be on daily basis in our e book…

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